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Melanie 'Meli' Gilchrist

Meli is the youngest of DBL team members, she is 16 years old and Vanisha’s little cousin.

She has had first hand training from Vanisha and the rest of DBL team since she was 11 years old.

She would spend her summer holidays helping handle production for DBL from gemming to now feathering, she also knows how to wrap wire work and is slowly learning the creative side of designing.

For Meli this is something completely different to just doing nothing or playing in the streets in the summer holidays, this has taught her what dedication and team work is, commitment to a cause but also having your friends back as every member plays a valuable role.

Travis Scott

Travis has been participating in NHC as a masquerader since 2011 however has been attending the NHC for well over 25 years. Travis joined the DBL team in the summer of 2018. Travis came onboard to help out the team with feather work during the busy period leading up to the 2018 NHC. His favourite memory of being a part of DBL was the first time he met with the lead designer Vanisha. 


He remembers being so nervous about meeting Vanisha and the work she had commissioned him to do. Travis arrived at Mas Camp bag in hand and when the door opened there stood Vanisha, nervous as he was he said " Hi Vanisha, I'm Travis I have brought my bag with me we are about to get get up close and personal for the next few days!" They both laughed and that was the beginning of their friendship and introduction into DBL. 


Travis has proven to be an great asset to the team his main skill is FEATHER JEDI (as described by Vanisha), with his great attention to detail and the ability to see the bigger picture, over the years he has been at the right hand of Vanisha helping her to execute some of the amazing costumes she has produced. Travis is proud to be apart of the DBL FAMILY and can not wait to continue on the journey DBL is about to take. 


Being the only male member of the DBL team Travis feels special and unique. Not only is Travis there to offer support to the brand but also to his "sisters" within the team. He helps out where possible but also has all these females that are there to give guidance and support for his needs when needed. being apart of a team like this feels just like being at home to Travis. 


Full time Chef, Business owner, hairdresser, Sales Manager & creative Travis leads a busy life, Travis is a man of the people, Travis would go to the ends of the earth for his friends and family. Anytime that he is needed, Travis will be there no matter how busy he is. Travis is a great supporter of the people around him and is always pushing people to the next level... three words to best describe Travis: Suave, Loving & Attentive.

Devaki 'Deva' Huggins

Deva is a multifaceted creative who has been performing most of her life. With a dance career spanning the better part of two decades, she’s worked with some of the best in the industry. From dancing behind the likes of Rihanna or Beyonce, to being on set filming with Baz Luhrmann, Deva has picked up endless skills that add to her creative diversity and abilities. Bringing experience in creative direction, choreography and movement, stage and video production to name a few things, whether in front of or behind the camera Deva is an asset to any team she is on.

In 2017 Deva became Vanisha’s “Second” for DBL U.S.A. assisting her with all material sourcing and operations in NYC. Her first Notting Hill Carnival was 2018 where she discovered a talent and love for costume production and a keen eye for feather work. Her favourite DBL moments include the late night laughs at mas camp with the team and watching the vibe tribe cross stage in the beautiful costumes that she helped bring to life. For Deva being a part of the DBL team means a safe space to develop and grow her newfound skills in while representing for her Caribbean culture.

Jade Lubin

Jade has been participating annually in NHC for 12 years now, and has been a part of DBL since it’s inception! Jade was born and raised in London and loves that Notting Hill is about bringing different cultures together to celebrate.

Production of DBL costumes is mainly what Jade enjoys, despite the late nights and hard graft, seeing everyone looking amazing in their DBL costumes makes it all worth it.

Being part of an inclusive mas band and seeing it evolve has been a particular highlight for Jade (who even modelled some of the OG DBL costumes from 2013!) Jade can’t wait to touch road again with the Vibe Tribe! 

Jade is the jack (or Jill in this case) of all trades when it comes to DBL you can show her something once and she immediately knows how to do it!

Loren-Jai Freeman

Loren-Jai has been a part of Notting Hill Carnival since 2011 playing in T-shirt on both Sunday and Monday for 4 years before playing mas in costume. She has been a part of DBL/Vibe Tribe before it officially became a costume section in 2016.

Loren-Jai’s favourite memory of being part of the DBL Committee is seeing everyone crossing stage in costume after all the late nights and early mornings in Mas Camp.

Her strongest skills that she feels she brings to the table is administration support and sewing. Especially in the early stages sewing body wear and lending a hand in amending costumes to fit masqueraders beautifully. For Loren-Jai being part of the team is being something much bigger than herself. It’s all about helping create an experience for the masqueraders that they’ll never forget and one they want to return to.

Daniella 'Nella' Jenkins

Daniella (Nella) has been a part of Notting Hill Carnival and DBL since 2016, starting with the launch of Aphrodite. 


She remembers going home one day and her friend asking her what she was doing that evening, as she (the friend) was running out of time and needed help sewing body wear for carnival, and so her journey began.


Not knowing much about carnival culture she definitely got a crash course, from late nights at mas camp, where she was able to use her sewing skills, to gemming body wear and assisting feathering backpacks. It was a long process, putting in many late nights, however, it was all truly all worth it when she got to see the final products come together and what DBL(vibe tribe) as a unit were able to accomplish.


For her being part of DBL felt like being part of  a family a true united front. 


Nella’s  most memorable experience at Notting Hill Carnival was her very first time on the road. Not only did she get to see first hand what DBL was able to accomplish, with all the costumes on the road but she truly got the opportunity to immerse herself in the carnival culture. From the extravagant, vibrant costumes, to embracing soca music and the overall vibe of what is carnival. 

Prema Singh

Hey guys, so a little history for you, I first met Vanisha (and Deva) in 2018 out in Barbados. What a Time! We were doing distribution and promo for Krave the Band. We worked all hours of the day and night! We had so much fun working together, shared everything, literally! We ate together, slept together, worked together and partied together. Even though we were out there for a week it felt like I had known her for so much longer during that week and we vibes so well! Van mentioned she designs costumes for NHC and I offered to help out if needed. She took me up on the offer and it’s history from there. I couldn’t ask to be apart of a better team! Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I’m not just talking about the glue gun burns! Naturally, we bring all the vibes all the time!

How I contribute to the our amazing DBL team; I do gemming, feather work (if shown how), distribution, promotion, networking and of course vibes and jokes all round!

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