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 Vanisha 'Lovena' Somauroo

Vanisha is an entrepreneur and creative director with a portfolio spanning

across swimwear, costume design and events.

Her costume and swimwear brand called DBL Vibe Tribe (Designed by Lovena) has grown over the past 7 years and has gone from being a local company to an international brand servicing client’s and high profile individuals, as well as getting Sir Lewis Hamilton wearing piece of her work on the cover of GQ magazine.

She is proud to be a female entrepreneur that caters to the wellbeing and confidence of both men and women, particularly during these health conscience times for many.

To Vanisha, carnival presents an opportunity for her to give back to a community and a culture that made it possible for her to become confident in her own skin and evolve as a woman. This inspiration is something she wishes to share with the world through the launch of Reign Mas Band, at the return of Europe’s biggest public festival, Notting Hill Carnival.

For Vanisha carnival is the epitome of freedom, this something she wishes to share with the world through her event called Rebel International which is a Jouvert event.

As a designer her aim is to make everyone feel inclusive, you can come from any country, have any skin tone, be any body type, it doesn’t matter what your sexuality preference is as long as you have a love for mas, soca, the culture and the people you will always have a home under anything Vanisha does whether Reign or Rebel.

She has never been to design school and has never taken a class in how to do what she does but what she does have is a lot of passion and a lot of love for this culture, and she will always do her best to give back to the community, and represent it to the best of her ability.

With Love

For The People,  For The Culture & For The Love Of Mas

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